Pazar, Mayıs 29, 2011

Easy & Center of the Universe

Bugün çok mutlu bir gün. Yıllardır bekledim; minimal kompozisyondan nasibini almış, glitch'ine hakim, sampleları olgun ve laubali olmayan, velhasıl 4 başı mamur bir tekno-arabesk gelsin diye. Elimin tuttuğu kadar bir-iki şey de denedim, ama beceremedim. Bu güne nasipmiş.

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Ever wondered what Omar Souleyman's band would sound like played through a gameboy? Easy & The Centre Of The Universe have made that daydream a reality with 'Pythagoras Falafel Community', five tracks of Skweee-seasoned Arabesques. However, be assured this isn't just a cheeky pastiche. It's maybe more like the original Prince Of Persia soundtrack taken to the Nth degree, from the overheated saz and circuit boards of 'Yazid' to the sparingly-used symphonic string samples and exotic drums of 'Halloumi' or the complex arrangement and carefully scaled timbres of 'Beepgangsta'. Dope.

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Cuma, Mayıs 20, 2011

Mark Fell - Multistability

"After a recommendation by my friend Yasunao Tone, I read Husserl’s ‘Phenomenology of Internal Time Consciousness’ and became interested in his uses of music to illustrate the relationship between past, present and future. Around the same time I came across the work of Slovakian mathematician Metod Saniga who deals with ‘psychopathological’ experiences of space and time. Saniga has developed a mathematical model which accommodates the feeling of time standing still, speeding up, going in reverse, infinity and other 'non-normal' encounters with time associated with drug use, near death experiences and neurological disorders.

Music composition is often thought of as the positioning of sounds in a temporal plane, and the vast majority music composition softwares follow this paradigm. It is also true of how music is recorded and distributed music on vinyl, tape, compact disc and mp3. The difference between these formats is usually described in terms of sound quality, but for me the most important difference is in their treatment of time - how they store and give access to temporal material. In the case of vinyl the observer can see directly where the needle is - there is no abstract representation of the needle's place in the duration of the piece - it is actually there. For me, the appeal of vinyl is not to do with warmth of sound quality, or its volatility, but in its ‘concrete’ treatment of time."

Multistability 2-A

Salı, Mayıs 10, 2011

Raga Disko

Yıl 1982. Bombay. Charanjit Singh, Roland TB 303'ünün başında yanlışlıkla ilk acid house albümünü kaydeder: